WHY USE AN E-PORTFOLIO (Go & Show vs. Sit & Get)

I have to admit, in 3202 I really dreaded doing the portfolio, being my first year of teaching I felt as if I didn’t have much to reflect on and thought it was a waist of time. However, I have come to learn the importance of the content of whats included within the portfolio, as this first 7 months of teaching has taught me alot! I learned that students all learn differently, but for the most part that sit and get is in the way to get them engaged, so we have to be creative and find ways for them to show their learning.

Just from my own personal experience, I am a learn by doing learner. I was really excited to see that the students enjoy this way of learning as well. They like opportunities to discuss with the class about what they think on a particular topic or teach the class a particular section we are going over for the week. This make them accountable for know the information in order to be able to teach back.

Now that I have started this e-portfolio journey, I can share with my students (I do) my e-portfolio and encourage them to start one as well (You do). In my short experience in teaching, I’ve noticed that even though the students might not think the assignment is particularly fun, or they just don’t want to do it because it seems like too much work, they are usually very proud of their work and surprised that they could even produce what we were doing.

The e-portfolio is a great resource for professional and students in my opinion, the articles for suggested reading this week opened my eyes to why they are so important:

-builds self-confidence

-pushes them to develop learning goals

-keeps them engaged

-critical thinking

-more comfortable with sharing their feelings to others

There is a lot of work that I have to do for my portfolio, however I am dedicated to making it inclusive of the things that I find important to include, which also encompass what i have learned about particular dimensions in teaching.


Why use an eportfolio

Reflection4Learning –

41 Benefits of an eportfolio


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